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We’re 9 weeks into the new year! Have you been able to stay on track with your 2016 goals? To be honest, I’m finding it a bit challenging. This year has started off with a bang and there are so many things going on it’s difficult to stay on track. My son announced that he is moving out of the house so I’m really going to be an empty nester – it’s a bittersweet moment. I also decided to take a position at a local Fitness and Wellness Center so I will have the opportunity to help even more people live healthier lives. These are two big changes in my life so once again, my personal needs, wants and goals have to take a back seat. What does that mean? It means that I have to shift things

Gimme 5

Do you have 5 minutes? Of course you do! Here’s a quick 5-minute circuit that does not require weights and can be done anywhere … in your office, living room, parking lot – wherever. Make a game out of it -- the next time your boss or office mate takes a smoke break, you take an exercise break! Do 5 sets of 5 reps, back-to-back, no stopping, and it should take you 5 minutes. You’re welcome! Overhead press – Arms at 90 degrees, hands balled up into a fist and press over your head Push ups – On your toes!!!! Squats – Deeper! Deeper! Squeeze at the top! Lunges – 5 on the right side, 5 on the left side Standing crunch – Crunch right, crunch left – that’s 1. Start again!

Scale getting you down?

How often do you hop on the scale? Are you ever truly satisfied with the number that you see? Do you dread getting on the scale at the doctor’s office because you know it will read five pounds heavier than your scale at home? I am not a fan of the number on the scale. We give that number way too much power. It has the power to make us feel horrible when we shouldn’t. Somewhere, sometime in history someone decided what a woman’s “ideal” weight should be and we’ve all been chasing that weight ever since. There are over 4 million hits on Google when you search for “ideal weight calculator”. According to calculator.net my ideal weight falls between 118 and 160: Based on the Robinson formula

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