Dry February

I enjoy wine. I really enjoy it. I like going to wine tastings, I have visited many vineyards and have gone on a few “wine weekends”. Wine, to me, is fascinating. I love how different varietals pair differently with food; I love choosing my next bottle and of course, I love how it tastes. Red wine is comforting in the winter and white wine is refreshing in the summer. I normally have a glass (or two) with dinner. Not every night but most nights. A few years ago, I made the decision to abstain from all types of alcohol for an entire month. It wasn’t really that difficult. In fact, going without meat was a lot harder. This year I have again decided to give up alcohol for a month.

What Will You Do Differently?

The first month of the new year is about to end. I work in a gym and I’m noticing that the attendance is already beginning decrease. What about you? Has the excitement of the new year worn off? If you are like most people once the excitement wears off the desire to continue what you started wears off as well. Then you are once again faced with starting over. It’s a vicious cycle, right? But guess what, darling? You have the power to stop the cycle. Make this the year that you actually do something differently. Here are some tips to actually follow through and reach your goals this time: Grow up and get out of your feelings – I refuse to sugar coat this. Look, when there is somethi

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