Miles on Miles on Miles (Half Marathon Training)

I’m really going to do this. I think it hit me during yesterday’s 7th mile. Running is not easy and you have to have the mindset for it. I set out at 7:45am, after losing an hour of sleep, and my thoughts were on breathing and keeping a steady pace. I didn’t think about the 9 miles that I had to complete otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. Nine miles is a lot of miles to run. My route is generally an out-and-back, which means that I just run a straight line until my app lets me know that I am at the half way point and then I turn around and run back. I plan to map out a different route for this week, something a little more scenic. I followed the run pattern that I established l

Running Can Be Spiritual (Half Marathon Training)

The half marathon training continues. By the way if you want to follow the progress in real time feel free to follow me on Instagram (@chelerene) and check out my posts and stories. I ran 4 miles this morning in below-freezing weather and I did my long run on Sunday when it was so windy I thought I would fly away. This 13.1 better be worth it. Most people that I know who run this type of race for the first time express that their only goal is to finish. Well, that’s fine … for them. I know I’m going to finish. I want to finish in less than 3 hours. I want to finish in two hours and 45 minutes. At least. Two weeks ago, I did a long run of 7.5 miles I completed the run in 1:31:50 with a

I am an Athlete

Half marathon training is in full effect. The race is in 44 days and I have 17 training runs (about 107 miles) left to complete. I’m doing my long runs on the weekend. This weekend I have 8 miles scheduled. I’m trying to work on my speed as I would really like to finish the race in less than 3 hours. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I run with a partner/group at 5:00 am and rain was in the forecast for today (Thursday). My partner texted me at 4:00am and asked how it looked in my neighborhood. I looked outside and the ground was wet but there was no rain coming down. She was tired and decided to get some rest – I had my clothes laid out and I was up so I got dressed and did my 5 miles aroun

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