Let's Not Judge

Ugh! I am too judgmental. I know this about myself and whenever I feel myself judging I have to stop and remind myself that I don’t know the whole story. This is a trait that I really do not like about myself. I have to practice giving people grace on a daily basis. I teach an exercise class on Tuesday evenings. The class is called Functional Fitness and I have designed it to help the participants build strength through workouts using either dumbbells or body weight. It’s a challenging class, not hard, but challenging. Yesterday’s workout was as follows: 3-min cardio warmup – alternating 30 secs of high knees/30 secs of punches for 3 minutes Lunge w/bicep curl (12-10-8-6) Squat/OH Pre

Finding My (literary) Voice

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been writing since I was in the 5th grade. Over the years I have written everything from journal entries and blog posts to essays to poems to short stories to novels and self-help books. Writing used to come easy to me because I was fueled 100% by inspiration. Once I’m inspired I will start, and I won’t stop until the project is complete. But what happens when I’m not inspired? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that is the problem. Writers write even when inspiration leaves them. They work through the “block” and write. I do not, and that fact frustrates me. I love writing but I don’t push through. I don’t set aside time to think an

Getting Better

I ran with one of the fastest women in our running group this morning and now I’m exhausted. Let me clarify. I wasn’t really running “with” her as much as she was running slower, so I could run faster. We started the run at 5:00 am and it was my intention to run 5 miles. I started off at a pretty good pace and I heard her coming up behind me. I moved over to the right, so she could pass me on the left. She wouldn’t pass me though. It wasn’t because she couldn’t it was because she knew (and told me) that if she passed me than I would go into “relaxed mode” and slow down. She was right. So, I kept running and I mean I was running. I finished the first mile in 9’33”. I felt myself slo

It's the 4th Quarter

I am not a sports fan. Like, not at all. I used to be though. In high school, I ran track and my boyfriend was on the basketball team. My brothers played football and my sister was a cheerleader. I was at all the games. In college, I dated a basketball player and watched every Laker game I could. To this day, I sometimes consider myself a Laker fan – but to be honest, I could not care less. However, since I do have a history of sports involvement I do know a thing or two about the 4th quarter. The final quarter of the game is when everyone is supposed to pull out all the stops and do everything to finish the game strong. Everyone gives their best in the final moments. You don’t ge

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