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She’s here and she’s healthy and beautiful. My first born is a father. I’m a grandmother. Which is weird. I'm not sure how I would feel about this at first. I mean, when my kids were teenagers I made sure that they knew not to bring any babies into my house. During a time when teenage pregnancy was so prevalent, I was terrified. Now that they are adults and self-sufficient I still wasn't really thinking about being a grandmother -- until it happened. Now she's here and all I want to do is hold her. This little girl is going to be surrounded with so much love – she has no idea. Our family, as I’m finding out is huge. Not just my immediate family but our extended family which includes

Charlottesville Wine Tour 2018

Well, the weekend is over and I’m back at work. I loved having four whole days off. Of course, one was spent cooking and hosting Thanksgiving for 10 (by the way, I did end up making the seafood casserole) but the other 3 were spent all by myself up in Charlottesville. I decided that since I don’t often get consecutive days off that I needed to take advantage of the time, and my Hilton points, and drive up to Charlottesville and tour a few wineries. Did you know that Virginia is the 5th largest wine producer in the country? I didn’t either. Anyway, once everyone was fed and the leftovers were put away, I packed a bag and made my way up the road. It rained all day on Saturday, so I couldn

Weekend Wrap Up & Looking Ahead

It’s Sunday and we’re just days away from the best day of the year, for me anyway – Thanksgiving. I just finished writing my grocery list for Thursday. I won’t be making my seafood casserole this year because I only really make it for my son and unfortunately, he won’t be here. They don’t want to travel this far in the pregnancy. I understand them wanting to be cautious, but this will be the first Thanksgiving without my son and it makes me a little sad. I’ll still be feeding close to 10 people. I’m going up north to spend Christmas with my son and new granddaughter – you can believe that. I never, ever participate in the frantic holiday shopping that takes place after Thanksgiving oth

Day Tripping

Since my birthday trip to California I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about traveling and how I want to do more of it. I’ve always said that I enjoy being in other places – it’s the getting to other places that has me vexed. The uncertainty of air travel blows. If I could fly private, that would be ideal. But who am I kidding? The price for a Business Class seat is more than I want to spend. I joined a group on Facebook called Sisters Traveling Solo and I am so inspired by these women who take all these exotic trips at a moment’s notice. I can be somewhat impulsive and initially I was trying to figure out how I could do the same, but I refuse to go into debt, so I can say that I am we

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