Accountable to Myself

I had to run today. My normal routine is to run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with BGR! We get together at 5am and I usually run between 4 – 5 miles. It’s my way of being accountable. If I commit to run with you then I will be there. I’m respectful of other people’s time and I don’t like to let folks down. Today, however, is Sunday. For the better part of yesterday I kept telling myself that I needed to run. I kept looking at the forecast and I saw that it wasn’t going to be above 30 degrees in the morning. But still, I had to run. So, I got up early I tried to wait until about 8am when I thought it might get a little warmer, but I was dressed and ready to go by 7:45ish so I left.

Flash Fiction - Honey, I'm Home!

Zora looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but smile. Her cheeks were still a little flushed and she stifled a giggle. She was remembering the events of the night before and she suddenly felt warm all over. Her instincts were telling her to crawl back into bed with him and savor these last few moments but reality slipped in and she knew she had to leave. She splashed a little water on her face, ran her fingers through her unruly curls, shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the bathroom. She was very quiet because she didn't want to wake him. He looked peaceful. Tired. Maybe even exhausted. They had both expended quite a bit of energy and to her recollection they had only gotte

Flash Fiction - Why Am I Doing This?

As she stood alone admiring herself in the mirror in this ridiculously expensive wedding gown, she couldn't help but wonder, "Why am I doing this?" Evelyn knew with everything that was in her that she should not be in this place at this time wearing this dress about to marry this man. But what could she do now? He proposed and she said yes because, after all isn't that what you do when someone proposes? You say yes. A man presents you with a ring (which was probably stolen or once belonged to someone else because it didn't even come in a pretty velvet box) and asks you marry him (after just having a huge argument) aren't you supposed to say yes? Ignoring the fact that up until that morni

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