Two More Days! It is just about the end of February which signals the end of some of the goals that I set for myself for this month. Let me say this right off the bat: if you set goals in order to track results you may want to only introduce one new thing at a time instead of several. Here's why: In February I abstained from alcohol, I ran at least a mile every day in addition to my regular strength training schedule and I introduced the maca root powder supplement into my diet. If I saw any results (e.g., weight loss, more energy, greater stamina/endurance) I can't really say what was the exact cause. Am I sleeping better because I'm not drinking? Was I able to run everyday because of

Good, Bad or Learning?

Good experiences. Bad experiences. Learning experiences. Do you know the difference? My son is in the process of moving back to the Hampton Roads area. He's been gone for about three years I think. Now that he and Jess have the baby, they have decided that it would be best to move closer to their families where they will have a support system. I spoke with my son last night and he said that he finally feels like "this nightmare" of living in Maryland is finally going to be over and he is about to wake up. I stopped him right there and said he shouldn't classify this experience as a nightmare. On the contrary, he moved to Maryland so he could be with Jess. He got to be with the woman

Chasing PRs!

I started running competitively in 2011. I don't know why it's considered "competitive" because I'm really only competing against myself. We all are. Anyway, my running journey began in 2011. It started on the treadmill and then I graduated to the pavement. I soon found out that there is a huge difference between the two. I was killing it on the treadmill -- busting out my three miles and feeling good about myself. However, those feelings soon dissipated when I went outside for the first time and couldn't run a half mile. It was depressing. Thankfully, I live right next door to a school with a track and I began practicing out there on a regular basis with my Couch-to-5k app and afte

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