New Orleans 2019

Spring break found me in New Orleans. Why, New Orleans? I don’t know. I had never been. My daughter went last year for the Essence Festival and recommended it. I wanted to see the city. So, I booked it and we went. Before I went some of my friends told me to do two things: have a Hurricane and go to Café Du Monde for beignets. Luckily, I was able to do both. I had no idea what a Hurricane was, but I soon found out – it’s a big ass drink made with rum. I don’t drink rum. I drank several Hurricanes while on spring break and they were delicious. However, this is strictly a vacation drink – not a habit that I will bring back to my real life. Café Du Monde was cool. It’s a coffee sta

Ask Me How I'm Doing

I am blessed. This morning I left the house just before 5am for my usual run with the girls of BGR! I started my car and it seemed to hesitate a bit before starting. This never happens. My car always starts right up without a problem. I thought for a moment that there could be a problem but I left the house anyway and headed out for my run. I watched my dashboard the entire trip and noticed that the temperature never showed up on the dash. I knew then that there was definitely a problem. I reached the destination and turned the car off and then immediately tried to restart it. The battery was dead. Before I set off for the run I asked the girls if anyone had jumper cables. Thankfull

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