The Last Week

As I write this, I am heading into the last week of my job at the fitness center. Three more shifts and I am done. I think this is probably the first job that I have resigned from in more than 30 years of working that I wasn’t leaving because of some issue. Issues like inadequate compensation, no room for growth, being looked over for a promotion, or personality conflicts. On the contrary, I love this job. Why am I leaving? Simple. Because it’s time. Let me explain. You are all familiar with the concept of “Reason”, “Season” and “Lifetime” as it relates to relationships. Well, my relationship with this fitness center was for a season and that season has ended. I am notorious for sta

Puzzle Pieces

Five years ago I wanted to become a personal trainer. Partly because I had a personal trainer and I adored him. He taught me how to navigate my way through the weight room, the grocery store and my kitchen. I was able to rise to a level of health and happiness that I had never experienced before and I truly wanted to share that experience with other women. So I studied and received my certification as a fitness trainer and in the years that followed I received additional certifications in fitness nutrition and exercise therapy. I had the knowledge and I had the experience and I was ready for the clients. Or, so I thought. Initially, all I wanted to do was teach women how to lift weights.

Where is Your Focus?

For the past few years I have gotten up at 4:20am every Tuesday and Thursday morning in order to meet with a group of women to run. We meet at a designated location and we … run. The number in the group fluctuates – sometimes there are 3-4 and sometimes there are 15+. Different ages, different paces, common goal. The only thing that stops us is inclement weather (i.e. temps drop below 30 degrees or if it’s raining). We may all have different specific goals: weight loss, get healthier, training for a race, etc. but the overall mission is the same: to have a better quality of life. I can’t imagine doing anything else on a Tuesday or a Thursday morning. It’s a habit now. It’s a lifestyl

Spring Cleaning in August

If you're like me you have done some "spring cleaning". It's called spring cleaning because it's the end of winter, we're coming out of a hibernation of sorts, the snow is melting (depending on what part of the country you live in), the flowers are blooming and everything seems new and fresh and we want our surroundings to be new and fresh, so we do our spring cleaning. I, tend to do "spring cleaning" whenever the spirit moves me -- and that could be at any time. Historically, I have been the kind of person who wants to hold on to things "just in case". Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder by any stretch of the imagination but I do still have the cap and gown that my son graduated in and

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