A Real Woman (Reboot, 2016)

I first wrote this article in 2016, I recently came across it again and felt it bared repeating: One small compliment goes a long way. Have you ever noticed that when someone pays you a sincere compliment how it just changes your whole outlook? Or the look on someone’s face when you are the one giving the compliment? Compliments are easy. They don’t cost a thing and they make the giver and the receiver feel so good. That is, if you are able to receive (and give) compliments. I used to be a person who couldn’t receive compliments. I’m sure there is some deep, dark psychological reason why but I don’t care to investigate the why behind it. I just know that part of me didn’t really believ

Fitness is 100% Mental

You want to know why most people wait until January 1st to start a fitness routine? I know you think it is because people figure that January 1st is a great time to start something new … it being the new year and all. But I believe the real reason is that they don’t want to feel deprived during the holidays. The holidays are the time when families and friends come together and celebrate and love on each other and good food is always at the center of these celebrations. So, we think to ourselves, I haven’t really been doing anything all year, it won’t hurt if I wait until January. I know that’s what you’re thinking. But there’s a problem with that thought process. Waiting will only make i

What Are You Afraid Of?

According to selfhelpcollective.com the following is a list of the top 10 fears that people experience: Flying Public Speaking Heights Dark Intimacy Death Failure Rejection Spiders Commitment I find it amusing (because I am easily amused) that this list is supposed to be in order, meaning that flying is the #1 fear. However, for me the fear becomes greater as I go down the list. I’m much more fearful of spiders than I am of flying. Anyway I read an affirmation recently that really got me thinking: I choose to take action in spite of my fear of failure. No matter what happens, I give myself credit for daring to try. After I read this, I had to ask myself, why does the thought of failure sc

2019 - The Wrap Up

To say that 2019 was busy would be an understatement and it wasn’t until I looked back at my calendar that I realized just how busy. So many things happened in 2019. So many changes. So many ups and a few downs and tons of lessons along the way. Here’s a quick look back: I ran 8 races. I saw The Bluest Eye at the Wells Theater and attended the Hampton Jazz Festival. I went to New Orleans for spring break. I stayed in the French Quarter and had way too many Hurricanes, binets and oysters. I went to the Smokey Mountains for my birthday and indulged myself with daily spa treatments, yoga classes and much needed rest. I was a speaker at the Healthy Living with Lupus event where I got to shar

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