Gimme 5

Do you have 5 minutes? Of course you do! Here’s a quick 5-minute circuit that does not require weights and can be done anywhere … in your office, living room, parking lot – wherever. Make a game out of it -- the next time your boss or office mate takes a smoke break, you take an exercise break!

Do 5 sets of 5 reps, back-to-back, no stopping, and it should take you 5 minutes.

You’re welcome!

Overhead press – Arms at 90 degrees, hands balled up into a fist and press over your head

Push ups – On your toes!!!!

Squats – Deeper! Deeper! Squeeze at the top!

Lunges – 5 on the right side, 5 on the left side

Standing crunch – Crunch right, crunch left – that’s 1.

Start again!

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