If you want to lose fat fast ...

…bypass this post.

You will never, ever hear me advertise ways to lose fat fast. Sorry. That’s not what I do. There are plenty of coaches who do, so don’t despair.

I know that quick fixes are what sell. I know that we live in a microwave society and no one wants to wait for anything. But I have to agree with the e-Harmony ads when they ask the question, “Do you want fast or forever?”

Quick weight loss is awesome but almost always turns into quick weight gain. The things that you have to do in order to lose weight fast are not sustainable. In other words, at some point in time you have to stop that behavior and then the weight comes back with a vengeance.

Just like in the classic children’s fable, slow and steady wins the race.

I put my own program to the test starting on January 14th. My starting weight was 141.6 and as of today, March 27th, I have lost 5.6 pounds.

As you can see, at one point the number went up. At that point, I made some adjustments and I’ve been on a steady decline ever since. This is the same thing that I do for my clients. I provide a program that is realistic and fits into their lifestyle. I allow for the occasional indulgence and make sure that they don’t feel deprived.

Consistency and patience are the keys. It’s not fast, but it’s effective and leads to a lifetime of healthy habits.

If you are ready to give up the quick fixes and get on a program that provides lasting results give me a call and let’s talk about your goals and what I can to help you reach them. Check out the details of my 90-day Strong & Lean program HERE and then book a discovery call HERE.



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