Client Feature - Charmian

I had the opportunity to catch up with my client Charmian today. I was so excited to see her and when she told me that she had reached her goal weight I was even more thrilled. Charmian completed her 90-day program in April and she has stayed on track on ever since. Here is Charmian in her own words:

"Finally, after years of yo-yo exercising and dieting, my goal weight was just 3 lbs away!! I was ecstatic about this. I had gone down at least 2-3 sizes. I was feeling good and I was committed. Even after an injury, I allowed myself to heal properly and did not gain any weight during my recovery. I went into 2015 with a bang! This in fact was a lifestyle change and I had changed for sure.

Then life started to get the best of me. Yes, work at times was overwhelming, but it was like that 2 years ago. My mom spent 32 days in the hospital, but so what, I just took my running shoes and went for a run around the hospital neighborhood. However, something was amiss. My weight started creeping up week-by-week and by the end of 2015, I had gained the 20+ pounds I had previously lost. I was broken!!

I knew my problem, but I could not break the cycle. The ladies in the running group I am a part of constantly say "you cannot out run a bad diet". Somewhere between life and getting older, I was eating my feelings away. I knew I needed help, but where could I turn?

I remembered my friend and co-run coordinator, Michele Matthews, had something new going on. I sent her an email saying -- look, I need help. I trust you.

After our initial discussion, she gave me the jump start and tools needed to get my tail back in gear. Her workout plan and meal plan were perfect with my lifestyle. We set realistic expectations. Michele encouraged me along the way and got me straight when needed. After 90-days on her program, I felt my mojo come back. I signed up for races again. I pushed myself when needed. I stopped eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every night for dinner and started eating real food again!!

Yes, life can be frustrating and my mom is still fighting the good fight, but I am feeling good again and see progress. I now have the tools necessary to create my own come back and I'm doing it one day at a time."

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