Dry February

I enjoy wine. I really enjoy it. I like going to wine tastings, I have visited many vineyards and have gone on a few “wine weekends”. Wine, to me, is fascinating. I love how different varietals pair differently with food; I love choosing my next bottle and of course, I love how it tastes. Red wine is comforting in the winter and white wine is refreshing in the summer. I normally have a glass (or two) with dinner. Not every night but most nights. A few years ago, I made the decision to abstain from all types of alcohol for an entire month. It wasn’t really that difficult. In fact, going without meat was a lot harder. This year I have again decided to give up alcohol for a month. My reasons are somewhat different this time. I really want to examine my relationship with wine and after one too many hangovers – I think it may be time for a break. I’ve noticed that the drinking is interrupting my sleep and causing me to wake up in the middle of night dehydrated. I used to only drink on the weekends but somewhere along the line my consumption has increased. So, I’m going dry in February. I plan to record any changes that I notice in how I’m feeling and if I’ve lost any weight (which I doubt). My hope is that at the end of the month I will reduce my overall consumption to be primarily on the weekends, if at all.

Check out this article on the benefits of "going dry" for a month.

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