Fit @ 50

I have read plenty of articles on how certain women over 50 stay fit. Well, I’m over 50 and I’m fit. Want to know how I do it? Here it is:

You know my story: I was not athletic as a child, I was always skinny and never thought twice about what I ate – ever. At 26 I had my first child and lost all the baby weight plus 10 additional pounds for no reason and in no time at all. Four years later I had my second child and again, lost all the bay weight in no time at all. Weight has never been my issue.

It wasn’t until I was 48 years old that how I felt, not how I looked, became a concern. I was getting older. My father passed away the year before after being ill for many years and I watched my mother put her life on hold in order to take care of him. At that moment I decided that no one would ever be burdened with taking care of me. Especially when I knew that I could take action to prevent it. So, on my 48th birthday I hired a personal trainer and received sound nutritional advice and a workout plan that worked for me. I’ll be honest – it wasn’t cheap. It was expensive but I decided my good health was worth it. I was given tools and habits that will last my entire life. No fad diets. No quick fixes just good sound advice.

That was the foundation. Over the next few years I competed as a figure competitor and in 2015 I hung up my bikini and heels and now I stay fit, not for the stage but for life.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Eat real food. Nothing processed and nothing fried and I watch my portions. I eat meat and dairy and fresh fruits and vegetables. I also drink wine and occasionally have ice cream. I give my body what it needs and sometimes I give it what I like. I don’t deprive myself because deprivation leads to resentment and resentment leads to binging. So, if I crave cheesecake – I have it and then I move on.

  • Drink plenty of water. How much water? I don’t know – as much as I want. Enough to stay hydrated. Enough so that my pee isn’t dark and scary looking.

  • Consistent exercise. I move my body on a regular basis whether it’s running (I’m currently training for my first half marathon!), lifting weights in the gym, yoga, teaching an exercise class, etc. I stay moving. My exercise of choice will always be body building. I love to test my body to see how far I can push it. I like how I look with muscles plus more muscle helps my body to burn fat more efficiently. I like being a strong woman.

  • Plenty of sleep. I never neglect sleep. I like to be in bed before 10pm.

  • Emotional health. I stay positive. I look on the bright sleep. I don’t gossip. I pray a lot. I love people (most of the time) and I love life. I attend regular church services and I make every attempt to surround myself with people who are positive.

Being fit is not rocket science. It really isn’t. It’s not hard. Success really comes from changing your focus. Stop focusing on having a “banging body” and focus on having a strong body. It will be the strong body that will take you into old age safely and allow you to maintain independence and vitality. Be in it for the long haul, not just for the summer. Get fit for life.

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