Miles on Miles on Miles (Half Marathon Training)

I’m really going to do this.

I think it hit me during yesterday’s 7th mile. Running is not easy and you have to have the mindset for it. I set out at 7:45am, after losing an hour of sleep, and my thoughts were on breathing and keeping a steady pace. I didn’t think about the 9 miles that I had to complete otherwise I would have been overwhelmed. Nine miles is a lot of miles to run. My route is generally an out-and-back, which means that I just run a straight line until my app lets me know that I am at the half way point and then I turn around and run back. I plan to map out a different route for this week, something a little more scenic. I followed the run pattern that I established last week. I ran the first 4.5 miles then I did a walk-run for the 5th and 6th miles and then the last three miles I picked up speed and my average pace went from 12’03” to 10’28”. The entire run took an hour and 45 minutes. I believe I can reach my goal of less than 3 hours for the 13.1.

The combination of the long run and losing an hour of sleep had me back in the bed for about 2 hours after the run. I didn’t feel as weak as I did last weekend. My body is slowly getting used to these long runs. Perhaps one day, 6-10 miles will be the norm for me. After resting, I got up and did my grocery shopping and meal prep but for the majority of the day I was on the couch re-watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix – which is typical Sunday afternoon behavior.

I’m falling back in love with running. Slowly. During the time that I was competitively body building I avoided running like the plague. Building muscle and running long distances does not go together. All the cardio strips my body of the muscle that I fought so hard to build. Now, the goal is finish a half-marathon so the long-distance running is helping. I still lift weights an average of 3 times per week in order to maintain the muscle but it is a battle. It all evens out in the end. I mean, my overall goal is a healthy body, and I’ve got that.

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