Let's Not Judge

Ugh! I am too judgmental. I know this about myself and whenever I feel myself judging I have to stop and remind myself that I don’t know the whole story. This is a trait that I really do not like about myself. I have to practice giving people grace on a daily basis.

I teach an exercise class on Tuesday evenings. The class is called Functional Fitness and I have designed it to help the participants build strength through workouts using either dumbbells or body weight. It’s a challenging class, not hard, but challenging. Yesterday’s workout was as follows:

3-min cardio warmup – alternating 30 secs of high knees/30 secs of punches for 3 minutes

Lunge w/bicep curl (12-10-8-6)

Squat/OH Press (12-10-8-6)

Bent Over Row (12-10-8-6)

Upright Row (12-10-8-6)

Russian Twists (4x15)

Reverse Crunches (4x15)

Most of the participants are repeaters and know what to expect from me. However, every so often I get a newcomer. Yesterday I had two newcomers and after the warmup one of the new people decided that the class was too much, and she left.

I immediately judged her.

I judged her because she didn’t give it a chance. I judged her because I knew she was stronger than she was giving herself credit for. Maybe I judged her because I felt like her walking out of my class was somehow a reflection on me …

What I didn’t know was that she had just finished a deep-water swim class right before coming to my class and that she hadn’t worked out with weights in over two years. She simply wasn’t ready – and that’s okay. I’m glad that she recognized that she wasn’t ready and made the decision to leave instead of staying and risking injury.

This was a lesson for me and hopefully in the future I will not be so quick to judge. Everyone has a story and if you do not know their story (or even if you do) you are in no position to judge. People need to have the freedom to live their lives without being judged so harshly.

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