Day Tripping

Since my birthday trip to California I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about traveling and how I want to do more of it. I’ve always said that I enjoy being in other places – it’s the getting to other places that has me vexed. The uncertainty of air travel blows. If I could fly private, that would be ideal. But who am I kidding? The price for a Business Class seat is more than I want to spend.

I joined a group on Facebook called Sisters Traveling Solo and I am so inspired by these women who take all these exotic trips at a moment’s notice. I can be somewhat impulsive and initially I was trying to figure out how I could do the same, but I refuse to go into debt, so I can say that I am well-traveled. What I will do is set a goal, make a plan and take the necessary steps to fulfill the plan. Consistent action will allow me to reach the desire goal. Nothing but clear, focused, consistent action.

I normally plan one trip per year – my birthday trip. But I earn 3 weeks of vacation a year and I’m only using one! I have the other days on reserve in case I need a mental health day which is fine but not 2 whole weeks. I have the time, I just need to save the money and make a plan.

Realistically, I believe my energy should be focused on Italy and paying for that – it is 11 months away. Then in 2020 I can plan on going on more than one trip a year. For now, I always have the option of taking day trips or long weekends in and around the state.

First stop: Northern Virginia wine tasting.


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