Weekend Wrap Up & Looking Ahead

It’s Sunday and we’re just days away from the best day of the year, for me anyway – Thanksgiving. I just finished writing my grocery list for Thursday. I won’t be making my seafood casserole this year because I only really make it for my son and unfortunately, he won’t be here. They don’t want to travel this far in the pregnancy. I understand them wanting to be cautious, but this will be the first Thanksgiving without my son and it makes me a little sad. I’ll still be feeding close to 10 people. I’m going up north to spend Christmas with my son and new granddaughter – you can believe that.

I never, ever participate in the frantic holiday shopping that takes place after Thanksgiving otherwise known as Black Friday. I stay far away from any retail outlets and generally prefer to do my shopping online. As a rule, I don’t even do any Christmas shopping – this year will be different because of my granddaughter. I can’t wait to splurge on her.

I am planning a quick weekend getaway after Thanksgiving. I’m going wine tasting in Central Virginia. I am so looking forward to this trip. This is an activity I really enjoy, and I haven’t done it in years for whatever reason. I have the entire weekend off, I have plenty of Hilton points and no reason not to. These solo trips are awesome and in the coming year I plan to do many more of them. Whether it be a quick trip within the state, or a longer one out of state or out of the country. I’m going.

On another note, I’m really enjoying my writing class. I’ve submitted two writing samples so far and the feedback on the first one was underwhelming but the second one was overwhelmingly positive. I’m so motivated and encouraged to see how this story unfolds. I don’t have a title for it – my novel, but I’m about 80 pages in and I’m excited to continue. Honestly, I feel like at the rate I’m going, this book could be about 400 pages.

I’m still working on my Hats for the Homeless project and I should be finished in about three weeks. I’ve received several donations from my friends and followers and I’m trying to get one hat or more completed a day. I’ll be ready to make the donation to the Union Mission the week before Christmas.

Lastly, I ran my last race for the year yesterday. It was a 5k in Norfolk and I did really well. I’ve gotten my pace down below 10 mins/mile. I’m getting faster and stronger. For next year, I’m planning to only run 5ks, 8ks and 10ks. I already have three races on the calendar: Game Day 5k (February), Shamrock 8k (March) and the Dismal Swamp Stomp 5k (April). I’m glad I ran a half marathon this year but I don’t anticipate doing it again. The training for that race is exhausting and too time consuming. I prefer the shorter distances. Besides, I just want the medals.

2018 has been so good to me. I have high expectations for 2019.

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