Welcome to the World!

She’s here and she’s healthy and beautiful.

My first born is a father.

I’m a grandmother. Which is weird. I'm not sure how I would feel about this at first. I mean, when my kids were teenagers I made sure that they knew not to bring any babies into my house. During a time when teenage pregnancy was so prevalent, I was terrified. Now that they are adults and self-sufficient I still wasn't really thinking about being a grandmother -- until it happened. Now she's here and all I want to do is hold her.

This little girl is going to be surrounded with so much love – she has no idea. Our family, as I’m finding out is huge. Not just my immediate family but our extended family which includes my son’s father’s family.

My first husband (Jordan’s father) and I split up even before Jordan was born. I was 5 months pregnant and it’s a long story which I’ve told before, so I won’t bore you again now. Anyway, his family is huge and about 2 years ago my son, his girlfriend and I traveled south to meet them. Some of them traveled far and wide to meet him. Since Jordan was born after our marriage ended none of them had ever met him, yet they welcomed him (and me) with open arms. Now that my granddaughter is here they are welcoming her as well. We are all family and it’s comforting to know that she will have so much love in her life (not to mention her mom’s family which is also huge!)

It has always been a blessing to me when people love my children just as much as I do. I am forever grateful for the day care providers, teachers who went the extra mile and for my family. A child can never receive too much love.

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