Flash Fiction - Honey, I'm Home!

Zora looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but smile. Her cheeks were still a little flushed and she stifled a giggle. She was remembering the events of the night before and she suddenly felt warm all over. Her instincts were telling her to crawl back into bed with him and savor these last few moments but reality slipped in and she knew she had to leave. She splashed a little water on her face, ran her fingers through her unruly curls, shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the bathroom.

She was very quiet because she didn't want to wake him. He looked peaceful. Tired. Maybe even exhausted. They had both expended quite a bit of energy and to her recollection they had only gotten a couple of hours of sleep. The alarm on her phone confirmed it. He stirred slightly as she walked across the room. She stopped for a moment just to drink him in and to burn the memory into her brain before she finally quietly exhaled and walked out the door.

The sun seemed to shine brighter than normal. The air felt cleaner and Zora felt incredibly light on her feet and even though she practically had no sleep she was feeling better than she had in ages. "This man," she thought to herself. She couldn't complete the thought because she could not come up with a word that would accurately describe how she felt. Zora was an intelligent and articulate woman but for some reason whenever she was around him or thought about him she transformed into a big pile of mush. It was embarrassing.

She needed coffee ASAP. She got into her car and slowly pulled out of the parking lot of the apartment complex and headed to the nearest convenience store to get a strong cup of coffee. She turned up the volume on the radio and let the music just wash over her. She loved this satellite radio station. No commercials, just music. This station only played rhythm and blues from back in the day and a few current hits. She loved it. She felt like she could relate to every single love song. Especially on mornings like this. After hours of making love to this man ... it was just incredible. She honestly never realized it could be like this.

Zora was forty-five years old and had been in many relationships. She had dated many men over the years but Edward was different. He instinctively knew exactly what to say to make her smile. He knew exactly how to touch her. He knew exactly how to make her feel like her body would explode from the inside out. She felt incredibly lucky to have him in her life.

Zora pulled into the convenience store and turned off the engine but waited to open the car door until the song on the radio stopped playing. It was "Running Out" by After Seven. The song was so beautiful. She closed her eyes and sang along. "I'm not gon' give up on you, so don't you dare give up on me ..." At the end of the song, she just exhaled and headed into the store.

The store was busy with the normal hustle and bustle of the morning. People getting their morning coffee and whatever else they needed to get through the morning. Zora nodded and greeted the other patrons that surrounded the coffee bar. She grabbed two cups and began to fill them both up with the french roast. She wasn't sure what the difference was between the different coffees but french roast always appealed to her. It was strong and bold and that is what she liked in her coffee. In one cup, she added a packet of sweetener and some half and half and the other cup was just black. She paid for the coffees and headed toward the exit.

She placed both cups into the cup holders and before she pulled out of the parking lot she took a long sip from her cup. It was exactly what she needed. She took a look in the rear view mirror and frowned a little before she reached into her bag for her lip balm. She applied just a bit to give her lips some shine and once she was satisfied with what she saw she headed out of the parking lot.

She headed back into traffic and noticed it was picking up slightly with the morning commuters. Thankfully, she had just a short distance to go. She pulled into her driveway and turned off the engine. She slung her bag over her shoulder, grabbed the coffees and headed toward the front door. Once inside she called out, "Honey, I'm home!"


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