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I am blessed.

This morning I left the house just before 5am for my usual run with the girls of BGR! I started my car and it seemed to hesitate a bit before starting. This never happens. My car always starts right up without a problem. I thought for a moment that there could be a problem but I left the house anyway and headed out for my run. I watched my dashboard the entire trip and noticed that the temperature never showed up on the dash. I knew then that there was definitely a problem.

I reached the destination and turned the car off and then immediately tried to restart it. The battery was dead. Before I set off for the run I asked the girls if anyone had jumper cables. Thankfully, one of the ladies did have cables so I turned on my running app and ran my 5 miles -- with negative splits by the way.

Once we all got back to the destination we (8 women) figured out where the battery was in my 2012 Equinox and jump started my vehicle. I drove straight home, got ready for work and drove my other car, the Mercedes, to work.

I am blessed.

There are people who may hear about this situation and lament over the fact that I had a dead battery. They may focus on the fact that now I have to run around today and get it replaced. They may only see the inconvenience in the situation. That is not how I choose to see the situation though. I choose only to see the blessing.

I'm not saying that the dead battery is a blessing. I'm saying that it is a blessing that I was surrounded by people who care about me when it happened. I'm blessed because one of my friends was prepared with cables and had enough knowledge to help me. I'm blessed because I wasn't alone, stranded by the side of the road when this happened. I'm blessed because I have a second vehicle so I can do all my running around to take care of this. I'm blessed because this could have been a whole lot worse. But God blessed me and continues to bless me.

The Bible says that we are to be anxious for nothing but in all things bring our requests to God with thanksgiving and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will surround our hearts and mind.

So first of all, I can't be anxious. Being anxious means that I don't trust God -- and I trust Him so what do I have to be anxious for? Nothing. Secondly, I prayed and asked God to bring help and to get me home safely. He answered that prayer and I am praising him and continuing to praise him for that. Finally, He provided me with peace. Peace that envelopes me completely. I know that there is nothing too hard for God. He shows it to me every single day.

I love the fact that I started my day this way. Again, there may be people who would let this experience ruin their entire day. I was this person once. But I have decided to not allow the enemy rob me of my joy. God is faithful. In this life we will have tribulations. However, how you deal with those tribulations is what matters. We all have choices. We have options. We can either choose to be miserable and allow unfortunate circumstances to destroy our peace or we can choose to find the joy in those circumstances. I choose the latter.

In my life I have encountered some trials. Life has not always been easy. It's still not easy but I know that I have a helper that is always with me. I know that God will lead and guide me through tough situations if I will only acknowledge him in all the things that I do. The only way I can do that is to have a relationship with Him. Relationships take work. Relationships take consistent communication. You can't just talk to someone when you need something and expect to build a relationship. I have to remind myself of this often. I need to designate specific time to be with God. I have to do better in that area I know. I will always continue to seek God and stay in his presence. There is safety in his presence. There is joy in his presence.

I am blessed.

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