New Orleans 2019

Spring break found me in New Orleans. Why, New Orleans? I don’t know. I had never been. My daughter went last year for the Essence Festival and recommended it. I wanted to see the city. So, I booked it and we went.

Before I went some of my friends told me to do two things: have a Hurricane and go to Café Du Monde for beignets. Luckily, I was able to do both. I had no idea what a Hurricane was, but I soon found out – it’s a big ass drink made with rum. I don’t drink rum. I drank several Hurricanes while on spring break and they were delicious. However, this is strictly a vacation drink – not a habit that I will bring back to my real life.

Café Du Monde was cool. It’s a coffee stand that serves coffee and beignets – and it’s famous so it was nice to say that I had been there, but it was nothing spectacular. We went on Thursday morning and got in and out relatively quickly. We had one order of beignets (3 come in an order) and two café au laits. The total was $9.00, and the café only takes cash. We attempted to go back on Friday morning but the line to get in this time was half way down the block. So, we chose another café to go to. Just as good I suppose.

We stayed in the French Quarter, so everything was within walking distance (although we did hop on the trolley once just to ride around). We visited a different restaurant every day and never had a bad meal. We walked along the river and even took a steamboat ride. I visited the spa for a facial and a massage and it was fantastic.

The city has a lot of personality and a big heart. Everyone is very friendly, and it was an amazing vacation. Not just because of where I was but because I just really needed a vacation. I needed to get out of Virginia Beach for an attitude adjustment. I was on the verge of walking out of my job at the gym and I needed to get away so I could get some perspective. When I came back, I felt completely renewed and rejuvenated. It is amazing what a few days of rest will do for you – not to mention oysters, alcohol and fried dough!

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