Easy Isn't Always Better

July 10, 2019


I am 10 days into my challenge for July which is to run a 5k a day.  Some days  Some it’s more but it’s never less.  Talk about a challenge.  I’m not sure if I’ll complete it (which is what makes it a challenge!) but I’m certainly going to try.  I normally only run 2-3 days a week and strength train the remaining days but I’m taking a little break from the weights and focusing on the running for now.  I have to admit though – I’m kind of missing the feel of heavy weights. 


Anyway, while I was running this morning, I got to thinking about having choices and options and being able to make decisions and change your mind … and so on.  So many thoughts run through my head during a run.  It’s a great opportunity to sort things out.  In a few months I’ll be celebrating my 55th birthday and I’m recognizing that as I get older the need to accomplish things is greater – at least for me it is.  It is very clear to me that I have more years behind me than I have in front of me.  I don’t want to waste them.


As you recall, if you’ve been around for a while, back in 2015 I left my “good” corporate job so I could pursue a career in fitness full time as an entrepreneur.  Then, in 2017, I returned to corporate and decided to work in fitness part time at a local fitness center.  Four years ago, I didn’t believe that I would work hard at making a fitness career work if I was still leaning heavily on my corporate gig.  This belief led me to the decision to quit my job.  Also, I think I was burned out and needed to get out of the office environment.  During that time, I had to face some very harsh realities which I am grateful for.  Had I not taken that step I never would have discovered what I could handle and what I couldn’t.  In other words, I’m not willing to be broke in order to live a dream.  I’m not built that way … I like to travel, eat good food and drink wine too much.  So … yeah.


The thing is, my passion for fitness and helping women to live healthier lives never waned.  I’m still that person who wants to be a coach.  I am an encourager by nature so coaching is a natural fit for me.  I would do it without a paycheck.  So, I’m coming back to it.  I’ve decided to re-open Fab Fit & 50, now simply Michele Matthews, Health Coach, and begin accepting clients again.  I’m going to continue my work in corporate, because a girl has to eat, but I will walk away from my gig at the gym.  I like the gym environment, but that season needs to end.  I struggled with that decision for a long time because I kept telling myself, “Why walk away from that easy check?”  Then, finally I had to say to myself what I say to my clients all the time:  Easy isn’t always better. You don’t learn anything from easy.  Easy won’t help you to grow. 


Time to take my own advice.


So, I am gearing up for a grand re-opening of sorts.  I’m targeting the fall – around the time of my birthday to put everything back in place and get things going.  I’m excited about this decision.  It was a long time coming.

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