The Last Week

As I write this, I am heading into the last week of my job at the fitness center. Three more shifts and I am done. I think this is probably the first job that I have resigned from in more than 30 years of working that I wasn’t leaving because of some issue. Issues like inadequate compensation, no room for growth, being looked over for a promotion, or personality conflicts. On the contrary, I love this job. Why am I leaving? Simple. Because it’s time.

Let me explain.

You are all familiar with the concept of “Reason”, “Season” and “Lifetime” as it relates to relationships. Well, my relationship with this fitness center was for a season and that season has ended. I am notorious for staying in relationships way past their expiration dates, so the fact that I recognized the end of this season and I’m actually acting on it and leaving makes me feel pretty good about myself. (Side note: I believe the season actually ended at the end of 2018 ... better late than never, right?)

Although I know I am doing the right thing, it is still bittersweet. This job gave me the opportunity to work in fitness. I love being in the gym environment. To be around people who are concerned with their health and fitness and look to me for guidance is a great feeling. I got to personally train many people and I had the opportunity to teach group classes. I was able to impact lives and teach people how to improve the quality of their lives and that has always been my mission.

When I first started this job more than three and a half years ago, I needed the job. Like, I needed the job to eat and to pay bills. I had quit my corporate gig the year before to pursue an entrepreneurial fitness career. When that didn’t turn out exactly how I had planned I was forced to go back into the workplace. The job at the fitness center saved me. Eventually, I realized that even though I love fitness, it was not going to pay my mortgage and I went back into the corporate world full time and continued working in fitness on a part time basis.

I was in a position where I no longer needed the fitness job to feed my body, but I needed it to feed my soul. My passion for fitness never wavered. In fact, it has only grown, and I now know that it is time to take it to the next level. I had become complacent with my job at the fitness center and had become too comfortable with the “easy” check. With this job, I make my own hours, teach the class that I want to teach, take time off when I want, and I get paid very well. But there is no challenge and where there is no challenge there is no growth.

It’s time for growth. It would have been easy to stay and collect my money and do what I do but I know that my discontent would only increase and as with any other relationship I would grow resentful and look for an excuse to leave. So, this time I decided to be an adult, adjust my big girl panties and resign on good terms.

What’s next? Stay tuned.

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