Upside Down

Take a moment right now and think back to December 31, 2019.

What were you thinking? How did you envision 2020? I think about all the hype around the arrival of a new decade. There was so much anticipation.

Fast forward to today.

We are approaching the beginning of the fifth month of the year and I can honestly say that it is nothing like I thought it would be. Nowhere near what I thought. In January I had a health scare and I needed February to recover from that. Then March rolls around and with it we have COVID-19 or as we call it in the ‘hood: that Rona

That Rona has taken us all by surprise. None of us have ever been through anything like this in our lifetime and have no idea how to deal with what is going on. One way to NOT deal with it is to hoard toilet paper. Seriously, what is that about? Is the cure in the toilet paper, or what?

Sheltering in place is now a thing. I am a natural introvert so staying in the house is not a huge deal for me. I have always done my own hair and nails so I’m not hurting in that area. I do miss my aesthetician and my facials and the occasional trip to the theater. Oh, and the gym. I really miss the gym. Trips to the grocery store have become a completely different experience as well. In the beginning, I wouldn’t even do my regular shopping. I would just pick up a few items for that day because I didn’t want to be out in public for too long. However, as the days turned into weeks, it became clear that this was the reality of the moment. The frequent short trips had to stop, and my regular shopping trips had to start – with a mask, of course.

All of the expectations for this year seem so foreign to me now. I mean, we’re living in this day-to-day existence of news updates, which at this point, are pretty repetitive without any new information – other than the rising death toll. It’s scary and to carry on any semblance of a normal life seems unrealistic to me.

And yet, here we are. Trying to be normal.

When your world turns upside down, you better learn how to do a handstand” --Me

I’m doing home workouts and solo runs. I’m going to church online. I’m seeing my therapist online. I’m shopping online. Curbside pickup is a thing. I’m cooking and eating more “comfort foods”. I used to only make my macaroni and cheese once a year on Thanksgiving … ask me how many times I’ve made it since that rona came to visit. It would be a different story if I had a houseful of people to feed. I'm a single, emptynester ... so, you do the math.

There’s a lesson to be learned. I don’t claim to know what it is, but I know there has to be one. My one wish for all of us is that we all take the time to be kinder to one another. None of us have experienced anything like this before and we’re all just trying to make it. Let’s try to show a little more compassion. Life as we know it will never be the same. We will get through this crisis, but I know for sure life will never be the same. We won’t go back to the way things were and in some ways that could be a good thing. Personally, I know that I will place greater value on the time that I spend with the people that I love. When I’m allowed, don’t be surprised if I hug you a little longer and a little tighter.

Stay safe. Be well.

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