Twenty Five Days

I am all about self-help. I have always had a difficult time asking anyone for anything, so I made it a practice of figuring out how to help myself. Usually, not with the best results. Until recently, I never really went too deep while trying to solve a problem. I wanted the quick fix and the easy answer. It wasn’t until I went to therapy last year that I went deep and got the help and the answers that I needed.

Up until that point, however, I looked for the answers in self-help books. I’m sure over the years I purchased dozens of them. I’d read the book and expect magical results. I’d expect my entire life to change. Again, looking for the quick fix. I learned that simply reading the book wasn’t going to do anything for me if I didn’t absorb and apply the information. Duh.

What I also learned was that no matter how good the book was, if I wasn’t ready to receive the information than reading it was pointless. Which is why I’m glad I’ve held onto all those books so I can refer back to them, hoping that I can look at the information with new eyes and a different perspective. For example, I purchased A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle maybe 15 years ago and picked it up again recently only to find this:

  • Luke 6:38 (Give and it shall be given unto you) is not about money at all. It can be applied to every aspect of my life. If I want love, give love. If I want respect, give respect. If I want peace, be peaceful, etc.

This book also taught me to recognize when my ego was taking over. Once recognized, ego will no longer exist.

I was in no way able to receive this information 15 years ago. My ego was huge and wouldn’t allow it.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t purchase anymore self-help books since my library is overflowing. I broke this promise and purchased The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It was highly recommended, and I decided to give it a shot. I want to take my life to the next level even though I have no idea what that level is. I know there is one though and I’m open to discovering it.

As I journey to 56, I am ready to embrace whatever is next. I’ve done quite a bit of inner work over the past year and there is more work to be done. I’m ready to receive what God has for me.

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